Thursday, September 22, 2011

Japan Pt. 1 (non car stuff/iPhone pics pt.2) photo dump

Sweet potato's 

Shrimp and cheese

Don't remember

Don't remember...

 Don't remember

Tempura. The melon was actually really good

A different kind of cheese cake. Pretty good.

The busiest intersection in the world

 Looks like somebody decided to get it in in the middle of the city.

We stopped at some Italian family style restaurant for lunch. Brian decided to make funny faces.

Shit was so good.

Brian's dish

Some cool Disney building that reminded me of Kingdom Hearts

The infamous Harajuku

View from a department store Brian and Minami decided to go to

Seeing people wear unique stuff like this is pretty normal in Japan, especially in Tokyo.

This temple was no BS in the middle of Tokyo. Walk out of the station and down the street and it's right there.

Another temple

Tried some curry at Coco's. Delicious to say the least.

Went to Zushi beach

Just chillin on the beach is enough for me

Some girl working at a bar that I randomly asked if she was a pirate lol.

Melon soda, so good!!


Some amazing salad that Brian ordered. Jesus I could eat it all day.

Cow tongue. Yup.... delicious

Best french fries I've ever had in my life.

The playground at Brians school. Apparently a dirt field is the norm in Japan.

View from Brian's school. Gorgeous.

Forgot what this stuff was called but it wasn't bad.

Traditional style cheese cake but it was exceptionally delicious.

Some spiders decided to get comfortable in Brian's apartment.

China town (and my finger)

Dumplings.... holy shit these were good

Forgot what this stuff was called but it's in the same family as ramen (which is actually a chinese dish I found out)

Yup.... Kitty-chan (Hello Kitty) is still crazy popular in Japan.

If the Panda Pirates had a ship, this thing would be the figurehead (the figure on the bow)  on the ship

"Milk" flavored ice cream. Pretty damn good.


Worst ramen I had while in Japan... still wasn't half bad. And this was at a restaurant that would be like Denny's in the states.

Second trip to Zushi

Went to a somwhat upscale Italian restaurant after hanging out at Zushi all day

Went to a BBQ with some American friends

Forgot what this stuff was called but it was way better than it looked.

Chashu Ramen. Fuuuu. Remembering all this great food is making me hungry.

Restaurant right down the street from Brian's apartment

This is what Brian had. This is what they call hamburger.

We thought this was funny

On our way to Odaiba

This is the same place they have D1 Tokyo


One Piece is HUGE in Japan. Biggest thing since DBZ, and I actually think it's more popular than DBZ was, just because of the fact that it appeals to everyone, old, young, men, women, boys, and girls.

The line to get on the Sunny-go was insane. Literally wrapped around the ship.

Had to get a pic next to Tony-Tony Chopper.

Only in Japan lol.

Yes.... it's a huge turd.... with glasses.... and a mouth..... in a pool of water.

Minami is so sukebe.

Went to NY too.

Anime is much more accepted as mainstream media than in the states. It's taken just as seriously as film and music.

Some cool ass star wars themed addidas apparel

Hello kitty Kimono's

These things kind of creeped me out

A girl band doing live rehearsal

Warm soba and fried pork cutlet (can't remember the Japanese name)

Had some Indian Curry and Na'an bread. Insanely good and extremely filling

Some good ol' MOS burger

Stopped at a mom and pop diner for some ice cream after MOS burger

Plum soda

Deluxe Chashu Ramen at a chinese restaurant in Yokosuka

Food we at while at Yubo's restaurant. This was tuna pizza. Really good. Pretty rich flavor.

Some garlic and pork dish Yubo's mom whipped up for us

Juju and Yubo's gf (I forgot her name)

Another dish Yubo's mom whipped up (strong on the garlic but so good I didn't care)

Japanese Donuts

Kids plate at a restaurant Brian and I went to


Brian loves him some "hamburger" dishes

A festival parade was going on right around the corner from Brians appartment

My last bowl of ramen in japan. Negi Chashu ramen

Some grape drank

Last plate of curry at Coco's

Waiting in Seattle international for my connecting flight to Dallas

Although I missed a flight, had to stay in Japan for another week (worth it), got chewed out by my bosses, had to walk 6 miles in the rain carrying 80lbs of luggage, and had to pay 700 dollars to fly from Seattle back to Louisiana, the trip was well worth it and I'd do it all again. Japan is an amazing country. It's been almost a month since I've been back and I still can't get my mind off of how much I loved being in Japan.

P.S. Sorry for the delay in this. There's just so many pictures. Stay tuned for the next installments which will pretty much all be car stuff.